In the summer of 2018, I left Japan to study in California. California was completely different from Japan in terms of almost everything. The weather was beautiful, people gather around the beach to watch the sunset, diversity, individualism, and legal cannabis. I felt like I was released from something because of being an outsider for the first time or California itself, I do not know.
After I came back to Japan in 2019, I could not get over the beauty of everything back in California, although when I was in California, I didn't appreciate that enough, and I even used to miss some things in Japan. It was always about the past or the future, but not the present.
When you don’t appreciate the present, you will miss this moment in the future; this time would be the past.
“I miss Southern California” is the project in which I am exploring how to be in the present.
My tendency to think like happiness is coming from the future makes me lack gratitude for everything that I have at the moment. Happiness always comes from wherever you are right now.
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