"a view from my room I"

Beautiful sky and sunset were always there since I have moved in here and I‘ve never noticed that.
I was hearing without listening.

"My Father"

I thought he was the one who was not there all the time , but I was the one.

"Self Portrait"



I was chasing the Californian orange light when I was driving high way in Japan.
All of a sudden I thought “Is this 405?”. 

I was thinking about the past.


"My best friend Takahiro"

I didn’t remember what he looked like in my head.

“Meg with a bamboo broom” 



My roommate, back in Irvine, California.
He once offered to buy poke for me instead of sleeping on the sofa for one night so he could bring a white girl into our room.

“ a view from my room II”

Winter in Tokyo, the sky is clean and crisp. The first winter to realize this.


We just repeat same small things every day.
“Good morning”
“How are you”
“Good night”
“Love you” “Love you too”
That is important to me.


"A Tree"


"Self Portrait"

“My Father in the suit”

Every morning, he wears a suit and ties and puts his favorite Rolex on his left wrist.
This was his last day working for his company which he’s worked for 36 years.

“ a view from my room III”

Finally, I was hearing and listening.
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